The Playdate is a hand held games console made by Panic. I created the sound design for the devices (the clicks, blips, swooshes etc as you navigate the user interface), and collaborated with Cabel Sasser (co-founder of Panic, and accomplished musician himself!) to make a “Playdate Theme”, as well as creating sound design for the intro animation seen in the first minute of the video below:

For the sound design of the user interface I recorded a mixture of real world percussion and toy-like musical instruments to enhance the tactile, playful feel of the Playdate, as well as making use of my collection of Pocket Operators - miniature drum machines and synthesisers made by Teenage Engineering which I thought would be a fitting sound source as they also contributed to the Playdate’s design!

In creating the “Playdate Theme” I worked back and forth with Cabel, who would send me enthusiastic recordings of himself playing piano and singing different melodies, then I got to work fleshing it out, and turned it into a fully produced sparkly funtrack! We also enlisted the string playing skills of Jeff Ball to take the track to the next level.